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When attending formal or casual event invitations, you need to pay attention to appearance. Official or relaxed, whatever clothes your family wears, of course you should still look clean and tidy. Therefore after washing clothes, you need to iron or tidy it up with a steam iron.

For those of you who are choosing steam iron, in addition to prices, there are at least five things that must be considered:

Steam level variation.

It is important for you to be able to regulate and determine the level of steam produced by the steam iron. According to, Steam heat levels are closely related to the type of fabric that you will trim. Each type of fabric requires different steam heat levels.

Steam iron head size.

With large but lightweight plates, you can tidy up your clothes faster. This saves energy and time so it is more efficient.

Pay attention to the nozzle and the water tank.

Is the nozzle or controller that controls fluid flow easy to remove and install? Also note the size is large and transparent so it's easier for you to keep an eye on the stock of water left in the tube

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